Is Church the Only Way to Christian Fellowship?

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Is Church the Only Way to Christian Fellowship?

Post by C.o.G on Sun Aug 07, 2016 12:10 am

I am sincerely perplexed... the Bible tells us that the Christian journey is never a solo one. I don't disagree. We've always been told that meaningful fellowship can only be attained within the church that we belong to. However, I'm beginning to think that Christians can form meaningful & rich fellowship out of the church context. 

On this note, are "small groups" concept the way to go?

In my quest to search for my own answers, I found this:

I have heard a couple of Wayne Jacobsen's sermons & found him to be a rather practical, down-to-earth, sensible pastor. In this article, I resonate with many of his answers to the questions he was asked. I found it answers many of my questions. 

I also found this to be deeply comforting:

Pls post your thoughts.

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