Hello! Welcome to UnChristian!

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Hello! Welcome to UnChristian!

Post by C.o.G on Mon Aug 08, 2016 1:06 am

Hello! Welcome to UnChristian!

I am a disciple of Christ & love God. Very much. I have worked in a church for the last 5 years & am now a theological college student. I don't like to be called a "Christian" for now (hence the title) because the more I understand our context & history, the more I am uncomfortable with this whole concept of Christianity.

In an attempt to try & make sense of my struggles, I have created this forum - an avenue to post some of the weirdest & wildest queries I have. I hope to dialogue with people in the local context, who dares to question assumptions, think differently & may perhaps be struggling with similar issues.

This forum is by invitation & is a safe space to talk about real issues that Christians don't think about or don't want to talk about. Be prepared some challenging ideas, topics or opinions... but this is where we learn from one another, as "iron sharpens iron".

You may post your topics here as well. And if you know of someone who could contribute or would benefit from this, and have no tendency to turn ambivalent & head into a theological debate or argument, pls do share this forum with them. I really want to hear from different perspectives.

I ask a few things:
1. Pls be non-judgmental;
2. Pls do not go into a theological debate unless it is necessary;
3. This is not a place to win an argument. It is a space for exchange of thoughts & ideas, that may shape & form our opinions, as we continue seeking the Lord for His will & purpose.
4. Even though this is by invite, I would be glad to know who left a reply, but you don't have to let me know if you are uncomfortable; feel free to use a pseudonym.

I will be very grateful for your participation! Thank you for being here! Very Happy

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